Terrace board (decking), riffled surface

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Terrace board (riffled surface)

Terrace board (smooth surface)

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The larch deck is successfully used for finishing due to its high performance:

  • Open areas and swimming pools;
  • Wharfs;
  • Terraces and verandas;
  • Balconies (open ones);
  • Baths, saunas and other “wet” rooms.
  • Also, a terrace board is used for exterior finishing of various suburban buildings and small architectural forms, saunas and other “wet” rooms.

The larch decking board is suitable for finishing buildings in any climatic zone. Temperature changes don’t cause damage to moisture-resistant rock. The larch decking board is extra-strong and resistant to mechanical damage. We produce two types of this product: board with smooth and riffled surface.

Distinctive feature of the terrace board with riffled surface is a finegrained (riffled) surface. It is so pleasant to walk with bare feet along it. This kind of surface provides stability to the person even if there is moisture condensation on the board. The strength of Siberian larch is almost similar to oak and is about 109 units.

Advantages of a terrace board from Siberian larch

  • Resistance to temperature fluctuations;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Stability of geometric dimensions;
  • Siberian larch practically does not undergo rotting, fungi and insects;
  • Siberian larch is easy- to- care;
  • Siberian larch burns badly;
  • Durability, which only increases under the influence of moisture.