Facade board (planken, rhombus)

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Facade board (planken)

Facade board (rhombus)

Thanks to its high performance the facade board made of Siberian larch is successfully used for finishing:

  • Exterior walls of buildings;
  • Interior finishing works;
  • Fences of terraces and verandas;
  • Baths, saunas and other “wet” rooms.
  • The facade board made of Siberian larch is also used for exterior finishing of various out-of-town buildings and small architectural forms.

We produce two types of facade boards made of Siberian larch:

  • Rectangular section (planken);
  • With beveled edges (rhumbus). Larch having an oblique profile retains gaps for ventilation while hiding docking gaps. This allows to combine quality, both lining and planken.

Advantages of the facade board made of Siberian larch

  • Durability;
  • Aesthetics;
  • Long service life;
  • Resistance to unfavorable environmental factors;
  • Resistance to mechanical damage;
  • Improved fire safety performance.

For the decoration of buildings it is possible to use two ways of installation a facade board from larch. Both of these methods ensure that the panels are securely fastened. When decorating the facade, it should be kept in mind that the facade board does not need to be fitted closely to each other, to avoid deformation in the event of temperature changes and moisture ingress.

Installation of the facade board from larch begins with the arrangement of the crate. Special larch bars, which are pre-treated with an antiseptic (lag), are fastened by screws to the wall over the heater. The distance between the lags is 1 m. They should be perpendicular in accordance with the direction of the facade boards.

There are 2 ways of fastening the facade board from larch:

  • Open – boards are screwed to the lags with special screws;
  • Hidden – special fixing elements are used for fixing, which after mounting are not visible.

All fasteners must be made of stainless steel, galvanized or with special anti-corrosion treatment. Installation is in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturers of fasteners.