How to buy

Information for buyers

Ordering online can be generated and sent to us at any time, by phone / Viber – during business hours listed below. To place an order you place the desired products in the shopping cart by clicking on the icon next to the item.

Please note that the website works on the principle of Internet storefronts. Hosted on our website information is not a public offer. Photo goods, price range, you see on the website is for information only and may differ from actual. The range, availability and cost of goods, please ask by phone or in Brest Minsk, e-mail or online chat.

Address: 4, Promyshlennaya St., v. Telmy-2, Brest region, Belarus, 225003
Fax: +375 162 58 08 05
GSM/Viber: +375 29 391 58 55
Working hours (UTC+3): Monday-Friday, 8.30 — 17.30

Payment Methods

Preliminary selection of products and the formation of the order can be carried out through the company’s website, but the payment is only by bank transfer to the account of the company after signing the contract. Payment via the website of the company is not carried out.

Delivery methods

Terms of delivery (lumber, furniture) and assembly (furniture) in the value of the goods are not included and are agreed individually for each order. We will respect your wishes and choose the best option! Always available pickup from our warehouse in Brest.