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  • Moldings and outdoor furniture made of Siberian larch

Siberian larch belongs to the hardwood. It is strong, durable, weather and water resistant, good-looking and remains so throughout the service life. Siberian larch is not subjected to chemical treatment, does not require complex and expensive care, hypoallergenic, and is good for health. NeoWOOD ® manufactures a wide range of products made of Siberian larch. Procurement of raw materials for production is carried out in Krasnoyarsk region (The Russian Federation). Processing of Siberian larch is located in Brest (Belarus), which ensures excellent logistics capabilities. Depending on your wish board can be covered with oil - colorless or with a certain tone. Oil preserves the natural wood texture. A variety of colors emphasize the individuality of the product.

We deliver the wood core! Enjoy it!